She Sweats Truth with Tammy

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Are you a gal who wants to live a life characterized by peace, love, and joy? Is faith something you are curious about? Maybe you already have a strong faith but you want to go deeper, experience more peace, learn to hear from and be lead by God? SHE SWEATS TRUTH: TRAINING FOR LIFE is excited to bring you all of that and much more. SHE SWEATS TRUTH will be a space marked by sisterhood, scripture, sweat, and breakthrough. Yep, you read that right. You can expect to workout for 45 minutes while your passionate, faith-filled leader, Tammy Weisweaver, teaches and inspires you with messages directly from the Bible. You can expect to leave this experience feeling encouraged, uplifted, and ready to take the next step in the life you were made to live.

Class Type: She Sweats Truth

Barre Tender: Tammy

Toys: Ball

Date: 12-17-18